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South of the Border

When I was writing my PhD on American Dystopian fiction 1950-1970, I thought I had trained to be a specialist in science fiction. My supervisor was David Seed, now Professor at the University of Liverpool, who, when supervising my work, was also writing his book American Science Fiction and the Cold War. Now, some 15 years after I submitted that thesis, I realise that I’m not really a science fiction specialist per se (though I tend to write pretty much on genre and popular fictions), I’m mainly a 1950s and 1960s specialist. (I’m writing a book on 60s science fiction at the moment and have a long-standing infatuation with the New Wave.) In my reading, especially, I return over and over again to those two decades – we can stretch it to 1945-73, really – and find pretty much everything to do with 60s – film, tv, popular culture, fashion, music – of sustaining interest. (When I was a lad, my dad used to tell me about the silly plots of The Avengers – he was particularly fascinated by ‘A …