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And death shall have no dominion

[just noticed that the blog has accumulated 10,000 page views, which may not add up to a hill of beans, but thank you anyway]

[and this post contains SPOILERS (I note that they're always in caps) for the plot of Wreck-It Ralph, in case that puts you off]

These days I mainly go to the cinema to see children's films, with my 7-and-a-half year old daughter. (Between work and commuting and family life, there's not much time left.) This weekend we went to see Wreck-It Ralph, because it had gained glowing reviews, and we hadn't been for a month or two. And it was fine, really: nicely animated, good with the retro video games look (the square, bouncing characters who lived in Fix-It Felix's apartment building were particularly fun), and I got a lump in my throat in a couple of scenes. All good. I don't think the film has any great claims to originality (its narrative is a Jungle Book/ fairy tale/ Toy Story mash-up), and I don't really think it's better than Br…