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Ian Sales's The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself

Ian Sales’ second novella in his Apollo Quartet, The Eye With Which the Universe Beholds Itself, will be published in early 2013. The first, Adrift on the Sea of Rains (which I wrote about here) projected an alternative 1970s during which the Apollo program was not discontinued, but was developed to found a moonbase, a research station for the investigation of Nazi ‘wunderwaffe’ (miracle weapons). These ‘wunderwaffe’ include die Glocke, ‘the Bell’. In a short story available as a chapbook or ebook, Sales imagines a pre-history for this wonder-weapon, in which the Nazi scientist Rotwang constructs a cyborgised ‘Maria’ to travel through the portal that the Bell opens in space-time, he presumes to another part of the planet. When the protagonist follows Maria through the portal, he discovers that the Bell is no teleportation device, but a means by which to travel into the far past, or (perhaps) another, parallel world. ‘Wunderwaffe’ is a highly enjoyable mash-up of Metropolis, Nazi myth…