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The Shining

To be honest, I was never much of a fan of Kubrick’s film of The Shining. But then, I was a fan of the book. I’d scared the pants off myself reading it at night when I was 13 or 14, and had become a big King fan, getting all of his books from the local branch library (the ones my Mum hadn’t dropped in the bath, blowing them up from hamburger to quarterpounder size). I was a teenage fan of horror films, like many, and my folks kindly let me see mainstream horror films from the video store (pre-Blockbusters). This was the era of the video nasty, but with no elder brothers, and little real inclination, I didn’t see the mother-lode of banned horror until much later. A taste for a certain kind of horror fiction ran in the family: my Mum, as I’ve said, was also a reader of King, and my Nan, usually a reader of Catherine Cookson sagas, extolled the virtues of Carpenter’s Halloween to me after she’d watched it on late-night tv. My Dad was no fan of the genre, preferring Westerns (which I als…