I've been struggling for a while to piece together quite how some of my interests in certain forms of science fiction and the fantastic in general can fit into an overall project (I realise I've been concerned with androids and transmissions for a while too, but these are kind of coalescing). In particular, the kind of stuff I've been interested in is: time, Wells's The Time Machine, Borges, Roussel, literary experiments, science, bicycles, clocks. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with this stuff, but a week or two ago I went with wife Deniz and daughter Isobel to the Ruthin Craft Centre where they had an exhibition of the jewellery and other works by Wendy Ramshaw. Ramshaw began in the 1960s by making Op-Art and paper jewellery, but has since developed into a wide range of materials and pieces, from 'ringsets' mounted on extraordinary steampunk-ish holders, to the large frames and gates such as the one shown above in the V&A in London. Her touring exhibition, Room of Dreams, was fabulous, and demonstrated not only the extraordinary range of influences on her work - from Russian Constructivism to Moholy-Nagy, from Pop to Op, from pulp sf to clockwork - but her interest in worlds of the fantastic, as the exhibition was organised around Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. (By coincidence, I was just finishing reading Wonderland to Isobel when we saw the exhibition.)  

I can thoroughly recommend anyone to go along to the three remaining stops on the exhibition's tour. The works are fascinating. Next to a maquette of the two frames shown above was a mobile whose title referred to the Time Machine; as Isobel crouched to look through the lens of  one of the frames, she said, 'it's the fourth dimension!' It's that kind of exhibition.  


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