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I'm half way through reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Isobel, an occasional bedtime read. (She has had something of a fixation with the first three films recently, and we read the first book over quite a while last year.) When the rumour circulated recently that Rowling's next book will be for an adult audience (perhaps a crime novel), the below-the-line comments were marked with the usual carping about Rowling's prose and how, when exposed to adult readers (as though the HP series were not), she would in some way be 'found out' as a purveyor of trash literature. Now, I've read all the Potter books before, and volumes 3-6 I read aloud to Isobel's older sister, Sophie. The prose is serviceable; it doesn't sing off the page like Phillip Pullman, nor have the clarity and zing of Roald Dahl, but for the first 4 books at least, it does a job. (I found the fifth book so execrable that I only finished the series out of dutiful completism, a…